how to "Zoom-In" and "Zoom-out" in Ubuntu Mate 18.04

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Have you ever have this feeling?

How can I "Zoom-in Zoom-out" my screen on on my Ubuntu Mate 18.04 ?

In this POST we will see it so please just follow along if you are on Ubuntu Mate 18.04.


To Zoom-in Zoom-out on Ubuntu Mate 18.04

it's very simple but before we do that let check ourself first!

Click "Menu" then type in "Tweak"


Then select "Window" and make sure there is "Compiz Advance GPU acelerated desktop effects" is selected if not so,just select it.

That's all you have to do and to using it, it is very simple by press the super key+mouse scroll in to zoom-in and Super Key+mouse scroll out to zoom-out.

Super Key is your Window Key


Video(in Thai speaking)

คือแบบว่าขี้เกียจทำวิดิโออีกอันเป็นพูดปะกิดน่ะ ก็เลย....


If you could speak Thai so you will understand me.


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